Innovating and Delivering across Offerings

  •  Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud & Marketing Automation
  • Analytics
  • Pardot
  • Business App Development on
  • Community
  • Lightening Migration
  • Salesforce for NonProfits

Our Approach

  • SCOPE – Understanding your needs
  • We start a client engagement by conducting one or more business-process mapping sessions with key stakeholders.
  • This allows us to understand your business on a granular level: where you are right now, and where you want Salesforce to take you.
  • DESIGN – Outlining the right solution
  • Once we’ve scoped your needs, we provide a detailed outline of the recommended solution.
  • If you require a custom build led by a Salesforce developer, we’ll provide a complete roadmap so you know what to expect every step of the way.
  • PRPOTOTYPE – Letting you test drive it
  • Before we finalize the configuration or development process, we prototype the solution so that you and your staff can see exactly how the application looks and functions.
  • This process not only gives our clients a greater degree of comfort and control, it also reduces overall project costs significantly.
  • REFINE – Adjusting for the perfect fit
  • It’s essential to get every detail of the functionality and user experience right before your solution goes live.
  • We build in regular checkpoints with you and your key decision-makers to ensure the prototype meets your expectations for usability, functionality, integration, and alignment with your business goals.
  • TRAIN – Supporting adoption and optimal use Salesforce training is integral to the success of the project, and we take extra time and care to develop a customized training strategy that aligns with your organizational culture and fits the way you and your staff work.
  • Our training process involves more time, hands-on learning, smaller class sizes, day-in-the-life simulations, and multiple engagements that stretch from pre- to post-launch.
  • SUPPORT – Ensuring your long-term success
    Our Salesforce support services go beyond simple maintenance to focus on continually increasing usage, improving performance, and maximizing ROI.
  • We also offer our highly effective training and support services to companies who want to optimize the performance of their existing Salesforce system.

New to Salesforce

  • We can provide knowledge and experience in the following:
  • Helping you to decide if Salesforce is right for you
  • Requirements gathering, and building initial Proof of Concept
  • Agile development to reduce project costs
  • Build a Migration plan
  • Detailed configuration to meet all your requirements
  • Lead the migration to enable switching off those legacy systems
  • Training to ensure end user adoption
  • Documentation so you are not just left with a pile of code.
  • Or maybe you need a Quick Start? We can get you started on a vanilla system in as little as 5 days!

Already using Salesforce

  • Gap analysis of what improvements can be made
  • See what you have missed! If you have not revised your configuration in 4 months, then you will have missed new exciting features!
  • Sandbox development to trial new ideas without affecting business
  • On Demand Consultancy
  • On Demand problem solving
  • Training of your internal staff to be able to configure your own implementation