Data Management Solutions

Integrating Data Quality Solutions with CRM Applications

As a part of Eternity’ CRM practice, it has helped many customers to integrate CRM application with Data Quality Solutions (such as Informatica, Dun & Bradstreet Master Data, Siebel UCM etc). Data quality is an elusive subject that can defy measurement and yet be critical enough to derail any single IT project, strategic initiative or even a company as a whole. The data layer of an organization is a critical component because it is so easy to ignore the quality of that data or to make overly optimistic assumptions about its efficacy. Having data quality as a focus is a business philosophy that aligns strategy, business culture, company information, and technology in order to manage data to the benefit of the enterprise. Systems needing clean data come from all categories including Enterprise Resource Management ( ERM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Warehouse, E-Commerce and Call Center or customer service.

Eternity helps its customers to address all aspects of Data Quality and integrate the same with existing CRM applications.

Customer Hierarchy Management

Eternity helps its clients to organize the Customer information in the hierarchical fashion and integrate the same with CRM applications, thus giving following advantage to the clients –


  •  Enterprise wide Legal Hierarchy and custom Master Hierarchy
  • Support for complete and partial hierarchies
  • Support for custom hierarchical views and lists
  • Create and maintain an integrated view of customers accross the enterprise.
  • Identify and profile most profitable customers
  • Uncover hidden relationships within the customer base
  • Assess the quality of customer’s business information
  • Identify new opportunities within existing account base
  • Hierarchical reporting