Eternity’s technical services include cost-effective maintenance and support for high-volume Web sites, SaaS applications including technical and user support, and ongoing content updates from time to time.

Eternity helps their clients to meet the challenge of ongoing software maintenance and support with a range of services designed to substantially lower their maintenance costs and ensure timely response and guaranteed service levels. With teams staffed in offshore Software development centers in Pune, India, Eternity can serve as an extension of a client’s support team, and provide turn-key, round-the-clock support services. Our staffing model provides clients with greatly enhanced flexibility in addressing special software maintenance and support needs. Eternity also uses Innovative, SaaS-specific service management tools to support SaaS best-practices and processes: manage Environments, SLAs, change management, event notifications and more.

 Our software maintenance and support services

  • SaaS & On-Premise application monitoring
  • Error tracking and debugging
  • Version upgrades & enhancements
  • Comprehensive user support
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Performance monitoring
  • Performance testing
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Documentation development and maintenance