Eternity Systems is certified partner of Apttus, an enterprise software company which has built world class CPQ (Configure, Pricing, Quoting), CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management), X-author (Excel front end for Salesforce) Solutions on Salesforce’s force.com platform. Eternity has built team of certified X-author professionals and successfully implemented X-author for its clients.


  • X-Author turns Excel into a complete user interface for your Salesforce CRM System
    • Boosting CRM Adoption
    • Increasing Excel productivity,
    • Saving administrative hours, and automating processes easily throughout the company.
  • X-Author empowers CRM users to add and update records for any number of objects from Excel while maintaining the permissions, rules, and security of your CRM system.
  • Using X-Author for Excel, you can build and deploy productivity applications with global scale—or install ready-to-use pre-designed applications
  • Unleash the capabilities of your CRM investment with X-Author.


  • Reach 100% CRM User Adoption
    • Connect Excel to your CRM seamlessly, so users can quickly update records entirely within Excel.
    • Keep Excel functionality and gain the unmatched benefits of your CRM solution.
    • You can build and deploy applications in minutes using point-and-click tools, enabling your users to stay in a familiar Excel interface while following all CRM rules, permissions, and workflows.
  • Complete Tasks 10-100 Times Faster
    • Excel, the world’s most versatile tool, is ideal for processes across your business. However, Excel doesn’t scale easily and lacks enterprise controls—two of the great strengths of your CRM system.
    • With X-Author, you can automate legacy Excel processes by connecting them to your CRM system.
    • Build X-Author applications using any number of CRM standard or custom objects.
    • Improve collaboration among your Excel users by eliminating version issues, ending data copying errors, and adding security controls.
    • Enterprise-grade processes are as easy as X-Author—with no change management or massive upfront investment.
  • Migrate Data 80% Faster
    • X-Author provides the easiest way to transfer data between CRM orgs without repetitive tasks or data integrity risks.
    • X-Author allows you to load unlimited records for any number of objects across multiple hierarchies, and even migrate related record IDs automatically.
    • X-Author’s superior feature set supports the needs of admins so you can spend less time on data migration.
  • Manage Data With One-Click Control
    • Running a large CRM org brings a never-ending series of tedious data updates: change user permissions, mass update records, update price books, and much more.
    • With X-Author, these tasks are a breeze using all the power of Excel as your data maintenance interface. Enjoy the power to sort and filter, calculate values, and add records by adding rows—and save all results to your CRM system with one click.
    • Manage any number of objects in any hierarchy from one workbook, without converting to CSV.
    • X-Author is your admin speed boost for all data management tasks.
  • Make Complex Calculations Easy
    • Automating calculations in your CRM system requires numerous rules, workflows, Apex coding, and testing. Use X-Author to turn Excel into a calculation engine and populate your CRM fields with the output of Excel formulas and macros—without ever opening Excel.
    • X-Author is the fastest way to build business logic so your users gain insights using CRM data in real time.

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